Cute Baby Bear Brothers Travel in a Colorful World Original New Series Anime ‘Bokura Baby Bears’ Cartoon Network 1/30 (Sun) Japan’s First Broadcast

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Turner Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Masami Takahashi), which operates the anime channel “Cartoon Network,” will release the original anime series “Bokura Baby Bears” on the afternoon of January 30, 2022 (Sun). From 2 o’clock, six episodes will be broadcast for the first time in Japan.

“Pet Shop Baby’s” is an anime series produced at Cartoon Network Studios, where a cute baby bear rides in a magic box and travels through a colorful world while searching for a place that can be called her home.

TRI.BE, a K-POP supergroup belonging to Universal Music, is in charge of the program’s original theme song, “The Bha Bha Song (We Baby Bears Theme).” Amy Friedman, Head of Kids & Family Division at Warner Bros., said, “In the original theme song, we teamed up with TRI.BE, and they said,” Everyone is perfect as it is. ” The theme of inclusiveness and acceptability will be further emphasized and will win the hearts of children around the world. “

The program’s original theme song is sung by the up-and-coming newcomer, Universal Music Korea’s K-POP supergroup, TRI.BE. In hot attention, he released his first mini-album, “Veni Vidi Vici,” in October and is now steadily expanding his fan base worldwide. This group, which includes Japanese member Mille and is the first in the industry to speak four languages, speaks and sings in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Other gorgeous stars such as Anjari Bimani, Rhys Darby, Jane Garofalo, Young MA, Jason Mantzoukas, Stephen Oyon, Willow Smith, and Bernado Velasco will be the guests. Of “Pet Shop.” I will appear.

“We Bare Bears” is a spin-off series of Cartoon Network’s original animation “We Bare Bears.” Baby Grizz (Mariya Ise), Baby Panda (Mari Uchiyama), and Baby Ice Bear (Ayaka Nanase) are in charge of dubbing Japanese. A story about a cute baby bear riding a magic box and traveling through a colorful world while searching for his own home. During your journey, you’ll meet new friends, learn a lot, and find yourself your “home” wherever you are. Daniel Chong and Manny Hernandez will be executive producers of “Pet Shop.”

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