Teruyuki Kagawa x Thomas Romain’s picture book ‘Insect Land’ animation project in progress

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It was revealed in the latest issue of the series “INSECT LAND Stag Beetle Rafael, Abarenbo no Himitsu” that the animation project of the nature education picture book “INSECT LAND” is underway.

The “INSECT LAND” series is produced by actor Teruyuki Kagawa and is in charge of the painting by Thomas Romain, who is known for the world view design of “Macross Delta” and “Carole & Tuesday.” The story of the characters who live in a world of insects, Insectland, is drawn, and the picture book has a gimmick of gimmick pages.

On the official YouTube channel, a story-telling video of “Rafael of the stag beetle, the secret of Abarenbo” by Kagawa is distributed.

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