D. Fincher makes his debut as an anime director! Netflix ‘Love, Death & Robots’ Season 3 Trailer & New Scene Photos

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Season 3 (9 episodes) of Netflix’s short anime series “Love, Death & Robot,” directed by David Fincher and Tim Miller, will be released on May 20th. Recently, a trailer and a scene photo have been removed. This season, Fincher, the series creator, made his debut as an anime director in “The Worst Voyage.”

A popular series in which talented directors from all over the world gathered to work on each episode and drew across all genres such as science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror, and comedy. As a “new sensation animation for adults” with original ideas and free expression that is not bound by the frame, it attracted a lot of attention at the same time as the distribution of Season 1 started and has won a total of 11 Emmy Awards. In 2019 and 2021, he won the Animation Award for Short Animation.

Fincher’s “Worst Voyage” is a story of sailors confronting a mysterious giant creature like a crustacean that attacks a sailing ship. The appearance of mysterious creatures, rebellion, betrayal, etc., is drawn, and expectations are rising for episodes directed by the genius director.

In the trailer, nine new episodes will be projected one after another. Fear and beauty are woven by strange creatures such as mysterious giant creatures hunting down sailors in the raging sea, countless strange creatures crowded in places like the sea, and dubious women dressed in gorgeous costumes. A dark world where the essence is fused is projected. There are many other genres of stories, such as traveling on alien planets reminiscent of magnificent science fiction and fighting with rats and bear robots. The world after the extinction of humankind in Season 1 is depicted with plenty of black humor. A sequel to the “Robot Trio” will also appear.

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