Conan’s ‘Zero no Nichijou’ final episode A regrettable voice in the broadcast ‘The last tears came out in the daily life of Toru Amuro ‘Please give me the second term!’

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The official spin-off work of the popular anime “Detective Conan” ” Detective Conan Zero no Nichijou (Tea Time)” episode 6 (final episode) was broadcast on TOKYO MX at midnight on the 9th.episode 6 “TIME.6” is finally started to be kept after being defeated by a puppy who is nostalgic.

He’s a puppy who doesn’t have a name yet, but he begins to bark happily at the tone of the guitar played by Amuro. In the final episode, Amuro, who thinks about the synchronization of the police academy from the petals of “one for five” cherry blossoms, and the puppy Haro who calls him, is drawn. “I cried at the end,” “I’m sick at the end,” “Please give me a sequel to Zero’s daily life,” “I like the way you say” It’s like a manga, “Thank you.”

“Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday Life” is a story that depicts the everyday life of Toru Amuro, a popular character with three faces (triple faces), and an organization of public security, detectives, and black.

In the key visuals that have been lifted, the disciple of the famous detective Kogoro Mouri, the private detective “Toru Amuro” who works at the cafe Poaro, the public security police “Rei Furuya” who protects Japan, and ” Bourbon ” who is a member of the black organization, Each figure is drawn.

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