‘DEEMO’ Visually drawn by illustrator Mebachi Cherry blossom petals, light New cuts for the movie version animation notice.

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The key visual of the movie version animation “DEEMO Sakuranooto -The sound you played still resonates-” (Director Junichi Fujisaku, released on February 25) based on the music game “DEEMO” for smartphones is on January 14. It was published. Mebachi, the illustrator who was in charge of the film’s character design, drew down the main character Alice, the inhabitants of the mysterious world such as Deemo and the masked girl, and Hans looking up at the sky. It is a fantastic visual with cherry blossom petals and light shining down from above.

A notice of about 90 seconds containing the new cut was also released. The notice starts with a scene where Alice, a high school student, plays the piano, and a girl who lost her memory, Alice, gets lost in a mysterious world, and a conversation that seems to be Alice’s memory is drawn.

“DEEMO” is a music game for smartphones that has exceeded 28 million downloads worldwide. The anime tells the story of Deemo, a mysterious existence that plays the piano alone in the castle, a girl who has lost her memory of falling from the sky, a mysterious inhabitant of the castle, and a tree that grows with the tone of the piano.

Mr. Fujisaki, such as “Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX” and “BLOOD +,” is the general director, and signal M.D.s such as “Princess Hirune ~ The Story of I Don’t Know ~” are produced. Production I.G. supports production. Kajiura-san works on the theme song and image song. Ayana Taketatsu will play the main character, Alice, and Ayane Sakura and Akari Kito will appear as voice actors.

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