‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’ Luffy & Uta appeared on the cover of the September issue of ‘MORE.’

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The visuals drawn by “ONE PIECE FILM RED” are on the cover of the September issue of the fashion magazine “MORE” (released on July 28). Luffy in the original festival costume and Shanks’ daughter Uta, the diva who holds the key to the story, look back in the distance, creating a transparent visual.

The magazine features an interview with Ado, who sang Uta, and Yuki Yamada, an actor who played the original character of the movie. In addition, a special notebook with a border pattern designed by Luffy and Uta is included as a special appendix, and a special sticker with the character name of Shanks is included as a binding appendix with the Straw Hat Pirates and Uta.

The latest work in the “ONE PIECE” movie series, “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” begins with the shocking fact that the world-famous diva Uta was active while hiding her identity, is the daughter of Shanks. It will be released nationwide on August 6.

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