‘Delicious Party Precure’, episode 23! memory ball donut

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From the TV anime “Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure” currently being broadcast on 24 ABC TV and TV Asahi affiliated networks nationwide, the 23rd episode “Kokone no selfish? Ball donut of memories” will be broadcast on Sunday, August 14th. The synopsis and preceding scene cut have been released.

The motif of this work is meals and dishes = “rice”. The themes are “feelings of gratitude” and “joy of sharing”, and the keywords are “rice is a smile”. A new Pretty Cure plays an active role in a wonderful town, a delicious town where delicious food from all over the world gathers. I want to protect everyone’s “delicious smile”! The warmest and most delicious Pretty Cure is born!

TV anime “Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure”, episode 23 synopsis & scene cut

Episode 23 “Kokone’s Selfishness? The Ball Donut of Memories”
Yui (CV. Kana Hishikawa) sees an interview with Hatsuko, the mother of Kokone (CV. Risa Shimizu). Kokone’s parents are busy with work and rarely eat together. While talking about that, Hatsuko comes to visit Nagomi-tei.

Her parents’ business trip was canceled, and Kokone sat around the table with her father, Shosei, but somehow the conversation was unsuccessful.

The next day, she talks to Yui and the others when she gets nervous in front of her parents.

Furthermore, Narcissist Lou (cv. Shuhei Sakaguchi) appears!?

Screenplay: Mutsumi Ito, Storyboard: Toshiaki Komura, Director: Kimiharu Muto, Animation Director: Kenichi Hara / Noh Gil-bo / Rino Murayama, Art: Yuko Doi / Miki Azuma

Delicious Party ♡ Precure Episode 23 Trailer “Kokone’s Selfishness? Ball Donuts of Memories”

The TV anime “Delicious Party ♡ Precure” is being broadcast on ABC and TV Asahi. For details, see the official website (Toei Animation).

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