Jujutsu Kaisen surpasses 10 billion yen in revenue.

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Toho Co., Ltd. announced on the 7th that the box office revenue of the animated movie “Theatrical Version Magical War 0”, which was based on a popular manga and was released on December 24th last year, exceeded 10 billion yen on the 4th of this month—achieved in 43 days from the release. By the 6th, the revenue was 10.4 billion yen, and spectators exceeded 7.6 million.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is based on Gege Akutami, which is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It is a dark fantasy that depicts the battle between a “ghost” born from the negative emotions of humans and a “magician” who curses, and the cumulative circulation of the series exceeds 60 million (including the electronic version).

The movie “Theatrical Version” Demon Slayer “Infinite Train Edition”, released in 2020 and had a profit of over 40 billion yen for the first time in history, has exceeded 10 billion yen in 10 days since its release.

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