“Detective Conan” A tremor runs on SNS …!? Gunma Prefectural Police Detective Heppoko

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This article contains the contents of the latest issue. Would you please read it after acknowledging it?

The first issue of “Weekly Shonen Sunday,” released on December 1, 2021 (Wednesday), features a new series of “Detective Conan.” Gunma Prefectural Police detective Misao Yamamura showed a connection with an “unexpected person,” and a tremor shook on SNS, saying, “Is that connected !?”

The origin of this was the “murder case” that occurred on the prefectural border between Gunma and Nagano. Since the body was located was just above the prefectural border, Yamamura of the Gunma Prefectural Police and the detective of the Nagano Prefectural Police argued over which prefectural police should investigate. The “Detectives of the Nagano Prefectural Police” here are Kansuke Yamato, Takaaki Morofushi, Yui Uehara, and Kogoro and his friends who visited Gunma are present there.

Eventually, the incident settled in a joint investigation by the Gunma Prefectural Police and the Nagano Prefectural Police. Kogoro and his colleagues went to the security room to check the images from the security cameras. The image of the victim who confirms the “prefectural borderline” and “time” while being beaten by the criminal is recorded in the camera image, and Morofushi, who saw the strange sight, is “common to Nagano and Gunma. Did you try to imply something … or … “

Yamamura suddenly overlaps the appearance of “a certain person” when he sees him. After confirming Morofushi’s name, “Your last name is certain …”, he happily said, “Then, with Hiro-chan of Morofushi … I might have been a relative …”, “Morofushi’s younger brother, Morofushi. He gave the name “Fushikeikou.”

When I came here, Yamamura’s unexpected friendship became apparent, and on SNS, “Did you know Mr. Kagemitsu?” “I was so surprised that my open mouth couldn’t be closed.” I can’t overlook the relationship between the two next time.

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