Detective Conan: Episode 1033 ‘Taiko Master’s Shogi Board’ Shukichi Haneda Appears ‘Meeting Important People’

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Episode 1033 “Taiko Master Shogi Edition (First Edition)” of the TV anime “Detective Conan” (Yomiuri TV / NTV) based on Gosho Aoyama’s popular manga will be broadcast on January 8th at 6 pm To.

While leaving school, the detective boys were excited about soccer, and Conan was thinking about another news. It was the case in which Nishikido Go player, who had disappeared due to the match-fixing turmoil, was killed and found dead. From the article of the incident Conan was watching, Hideyoshi Haneda appears to Conan and others discussing the origin of “match-fixing.” Hideyoshi says, “I have played against Nishikido Go players.”

After this, the detective boys who saw Hideyoshi’s neat appearance may have a date with his lover Yumi. However, Hideyoshi denies the date and leaves, saying, “Meet an important person.” What appeared there was Yumi, who was suspiciously following Hideyoshi’s appearance.

“Detective Conan” is a popular manga serialized by Mr. Aoyama in the manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (Shogakukan). Conan Edogawa, an elementary school detective, depicts solving complex cases that occur one after another.

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