‘Gunma-chan’ season 2, Director Masaaki Yuasa is responsible for the opening animation.

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It has been announced on official Twitter that the opening animation of ” Gunma-chan Season 2 ” will be directed by Masaaki Yuasa, known for ” Inuoh ” and ” Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! “

Director Yuasa was from the same Asia Hall as Mitsuru Hongo, the director and screenwriter of the same work. He was responsible for the set design and key animation for the early “Crayon Shin-chan” movie version series that Director Hongo worked on.

The Gunma-chan anime series is a series of short animations produced by Gunma Prefecture, with Gunma-chan, the mascot character of Gunma Prefecture, as the main character. Karin Takahashi is in charge of the role of Gunma-chan—broadcast on BS Fuji and others from 7:58 am on April 8th.

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