Do you have too much idea of ​​’noble’ and ‘do more’? There is a nerd but in a laughing pictogram.

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Noble, swamp, immediate billing Good, do more! A pictogram that humorously expresses the ecology of otaku who writhe in the preciousness of pushing is a hot topic on Twitter. A series of sympathetic comments such as “all apply,” “I don’t think it’s someone else’s affair,” and “too interesting” are being sent to all 40 types with significant variations.

Japan after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Since the opening ceremony of the 2020 Games was held the other day, it has been showing a lot of excitement every day, mainly on SNS. It is also new to remember that the ” Mama Rinpic ” pictogram, which has competitions such as “Okaimono (two-person system)” and “Diaper,” has received a great deal of attention. Still, this time it is finally a real hit (?) Otaku. Introducing. “Tough” “calm heart” ” vocabulary “From the ones that express the feelings of otaku who are too fond of pushing things like “disappearance” to the ones that cross the line such as “married,” “building a wedding hall,” and “feeding” (?) Some pictograms seem to be fun. I asked the poster, Mr. Noshi Nekohara (@nyan_boku).

First of all, please tell us how you made it. “After the opening ceremony, I often saw various pictograms on Twitter and sympathized with” Aruaru, “and I thought it would be interesting to make this as an otaku.” It seems that Mr. Nekohara is also active as an otaku every day. What kind of otaku life do you have? “I’m sending hidden otaku in manga and anime (laughs). I’m often in a” complex “state because of the intense development of manga I’m addicted to lately (laughs).”

For some reason, there are three types of “hard” Hey Otaku pictograms that are fun in a variety of poses, from “understanding” at a glance to slightly twisted ones. Please let us know if you have any ideas or poses that you feel like “This is!” “I think there are many otaku neighborhoods such as manga, anime, talents, idols, and theatrical performances, but I like the pictogram of” Swamp “because it can be used in any neighborhood!” How about the response? “I’m thrilled to hear that otaku from various neighborhoods say,’ There is!’! I feel a sense of companionship beyond the neighborhood!” Nakahara usually produces and sells LINE stamps. Shi-san. It seems that this pictogram could not be sold, but there were also comments from people who shot through the heart, “I want it.” By the way, I didn’t understand “I want to be a wall.” What kind of feeling is it.?

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