GeGeGe no Kitaro: What period of anime do you like Neko Musume

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The popular TV anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro” is based on Shigeru Mizuki, broadcast from the first generation to the sixth in 1968. The character in that heroine-like standing position is “Neko Musume.”

This time, I would like to look back on the history of such a catgirl.

● Phase 1 (1968-1969)

It was not a regular character in the first period, but a guest character that appeared only in the 20th episode ” Neko Musume and Nezumi Otoko. ” The main character, Kitaro, is a good friend and calls each other “Kitaro-chan” and “Cat-chan.” By the way, at this time, I hadn’t tied the ribbon to my hair yet.

● Phase 2 (1971-1972)

Became a regular character and appeared in the first episode, “Resurrection of Youkai.” The large ribbon tied to the trademark hair can be seen from this time. Unlike the first period, the facial features have become a little softer. He calls Kitaro “san” and can help with the housework of Kitaro’s parents and children.

● Third term (1985-1988)

In the third period, red ribbons, suspender skirts, and red shoes are trademarks. I have come to show a clear favorite for Kitaro. A rival, the heroine Tendo Yumeko, also appeared, and when Kitaro stretched out her nose, she got angry and hit him eight times, giving a glimpse of the girlishness of her age.

● Fourth term (1996-1998)

Appeared constantly from the first episode. The character design is closer to the original than ever before. I’m worried that my body grows slower than humans, and “Hair Hell! Rakshasa”, where youkai Rakshasa uses the complex, is an excellent episode.

● 5th term (2007-2009)

In the 5th period, the character design changed drastically and became more adorable. Her hairstyle is very short, and her big eyes and double teeth are her charm points. The usual clothes are almost the same as before, but they will appear in various garments such as swimsuits and Gothic Lolita costumes, depending on the season and story.

● 6th term (2018-2020)

In the 6th term, the character design has changed significantly, and the head and body have become taller. The outfit is not much different from the previous series, with a red suspender skirt, high heels, and a large ribbon. Still, the character emphasizes Tsundere and has a reasonably high fighting ability.

● What period do you like, Neko Musume?

I briefly introduced the catgirls from the 1st to 6th seasons of TV animation. In addition to this, there is a catgirl (Neko) who appeared in the TV anime “Graveyard Kitaro.” What era do you like Neko Musume?

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