Dr. Stone Anime’s 2nd Season Teaser Previews ‘Stone Wars’ Arc

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The official site for the TV anime of Boichi and Riichirou Inagaki’s Dr. Stone manga revealed another secret trailer and visual for the anime’s second season on Friday. The mystery reviews the subsequent season’s “Stone Wars” story circular segment.

The second season will debut in January 2021.

Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock) and Inagaki (creator of Eyeshield 21) propelled the manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in March 2017. Viz Media is distributing the manga carefully and in print, and it depicts the manga’s first volume:

One critical day, all of humankind was frozen by a blinding blaze of light. Following a few centuries, high schooler Taiju stirs and winds up lost in a universe of sculptures. Notwithstanding, he’s not the only one! His science-cherishing companion Senku’s been ready for action for a couple of months and he has a stupendous arrangement as a top priority—to launch development with the intensity of science!

The TV anime appeared in July 2019. Crunchyroll spilled the main season as it disclosed, and Funimation gushed the name of the period. The anime debuted on Toonami in August 2019.

Shinya Iino (storyboards, scene chief on Hanebad!, Revue Starlight, Made in Abyss) coordinated the primary season at TMS Entertainment. Yuichiro Kido (scene contents for Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, After the Rain, 91 Days) was responsible for arrangement structure and composed the contents. Yuko Iwasa (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Yowamushi Pedal) structured the characters. Tatsuya Katō (WorldEnd, Revue Starlight), Hiroaki Tsutsumi (Children of the Whales, Anima Yell!), and Yuki Kanesaka (Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond embed melodies) created the music.

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