The final episode of the anime ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen’ is 9.1%, Miho Takagi is silver, and the back of speed skating is also the second place in the program.

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The final episode (Episode 11) of the popular anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen” (11.15 after Sunday) was broadcast on Fuji TV on the 13th, and the average household audience rating was 9.1% (Video Research survey, It turned out on the 14th that it was in the Kanto area).

The final round will be expanded by 15 minutes. However, it overlapped with the “Beijing Olympics Speed ​​Skating Women’s 500m Final / Award Ceremony” (NHK, 10.53-11.58, average household 15.5%) where Miho Takagi (27 = Nikkei Daisho) won the silver medal. As for midnight, the zone has a good fight with a high audience rating of the program second place after 9.2% of the first episode (December 5, last year). It was decorated with endless beauty.

The individual audience rating is 5.4%.

The final episode is “No matter how many times you are reborn.” Umeda plays all the blood demons of the prostitute Taro, and while Sumijiro pierces his chin, he cuts off the neck of the prostitute Taro. Zeni and Inosuke also cut off the neck of the fallen princess in a full-blown wound and finally succeeded in cutting the two channels at the same time. At the end of the deadly battle, when it seemed that he had defeated the land of the first string, the blood demon technique of Taro Kouo was released.

There is no commercial during the main story. The third TV animation, “Swordsmith’s Village” (broadcast time is undecided), has been announced.

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