‘Dragon Ball’ Krillin’s ‘Ki-en-Zan’ was a terrifying trick when I thought about it scientifically!

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of fantasy science. By the way, today’s research report is.

There are many attractive characters in “Dragon Ball,” but the one I think is “too good!” Is Krillin.

He trained with Goku under Master Roshi, learned Kamehameha, mastered various techniques such as sun fist, died three times, but revived (!) And fought at the forefront until the cell battle. All around are Saiyans, other aliens, demons, androids. Krillin is the only pure earthling. Awesome!

Krillin’s original technique is “Kien Zan.” A shining disk flies like a Frisbee and slashes various things!

Cutting tricks are rare in “Dragon Ball,” but I’m curious about Hijo, so let’s think about its power.

What kind of technique is Kien-Zan?

Krillin first unveiled Kienzan when he confronted Vegeta and Nappa. The scene was described in the manga as follows.

Krillin pushes his right hand toward the sky and enthusiastically says, “Ahhhhh !”. A shining disk appears on the right hand. Is it about 1.5m in diameter?

Krillin chanted “Kien Zan!” and shook his arm forward with “Toh!” and Kien Zan flew toward Nappa.

Nappa laughs and tries to greet him, but Vegeta shouts, “Nappa!”

When Nappa looked back at Vegeta, Kienzane grabbed Nappa’s face and cut off a sizeable rocky mountain behind him. A line of scars was left on Nappa’s face, and blood spilled.

Oh, it’s an extraordinary power, isn’t it?

Most of the techniques of “Dragon Ball” are born from “Ki,” ​​so Kien Zan is probably a technique to rotate “Ki” at a tremendous speed to make it into a disk shape.

Since science does not define “ki,” the principle is unknown. However, there is no doubt that the rotation of the mind produces enough energy to cut the rocky mountain.

Twelve thousand cars collide !?

How much is that energy?

I want to pay attention because the rocky mountain cut by the sword was blown away.

From the depiction of the top, it seems that the cut part of the rocky mountain is about 15m in diameter and 12m in height. In that case, the estimated weight is 6,000 tons. This jumps up about 8m by eye, and when the energy given to the rocky mountain by Kienzane at this time is calculated, it is the same as 1200 passenger cars running at 100km / h.

Moreover, this is not all the energy of Kien-Zan. If all the power was used to cut the rocky mountain, the Kienzane would disappear there. However, Kien-Zan did not seem to lose momentum after that and flew away as it was.

If 10% of the energy is lost due to cutting, Kienzan will have the power of 12,000 passenger cars at 100 km / h. Twelve thousand vehicles are enough to fill the Tomei Expressway from Tokyo to Gotemba when vehicles with a total length of 4 m are lined up at a distance of 3 m. That is the energy that rushes in at a speed of 100 km / h. Wow!

Is it the weak point of Kien-Zan?

However, the author grumbles, “I think there is a big weakness in Kien-Zan.”

It’s speed. Considering that Krillin has released a sword, Nappa says, “It’s a crap technique!”, And Vegeta calls attention to his friends, “Nappa yoke!”. Krillin seems to fly reasonably slowly.

Checking the same scene in the time-measurable anime version, it took 20 seconds for Krillin to grab Nappa’s cheek after throwing a sword. At this time, the distance to Nappa is about 50m, which means that it takes 20 seconds to fly 50m.

This is slow! The average 50m run time for first-grade boys is 11.51 seconds, so it’s about half that time. Specifically, the speed is 9 km/ h.

I thought it would be easy to avoid this but wait. Isn’t the horror of Kien-Zan somewhere else?

As mentioned above, the Kien-Zan loses almost no energy by cutting a rocky mountain that weighs 6,000 tons.

Then, after that, I think I will continue to fly at 9km / h while cutting various things. Moreover, because it rotates at high speed, its trajectory is the same as Frisbee, and it is not always a straight line!

Kien-Zan must cut what is on the way to Spa Spa, whether it is a tree or a house.

That means that even at this moment, you and I may cut through the wall of the room where you and I are, and a sword will appear! When you are in the elevator, you may suddenly see a sword and cut the rope that hangs the gondola!

How many times did Krillin perform this technique? It’s not depicted in the manga, but I’m sure you practiced it over and over again before you learned how to slash.

What happened to a large amount of Kien-Zan that was released at that time? Perhaps he is still flying at 9km / h while cutting various things without losing energy?

Hmmm. The more I imagine it, the more remarkable it is. Krillin, who devised such a skill, is a fantastic earthling.

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