Three selections of ‘problem behavior’ of successive Gundam protagonists ‘Witch of Mercury’ Sretta seems cute ‘Excessive example.’

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Excessive problem behavior of Gundam protagonists

The protagonists of Gundam’s works are rarely perfect personalities, and it can be said that each of them has its flaws and troubles somewhere. However, there is a limit to everything, and some protagonists felt that “Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Sleta, drawn at the end of Season 1 of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch,” “A certain action” caused ripples. Such problem behavior by the main character is a promise of Gundam’s works. Therefore, this time, we will introduce several “problem behaviors of the main character” in past Gundam works. You don’t have to go that far.

Kamille Bidan, who appears in “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, “is the main character who is a little offended. She has a complex about her feminine name Kamille, and when she is lightly ridiculed, she instantly loses her temper. She suddenly punches Jerid in the face for joking. In addition, Camille, who she will interrogate, has an unusual desire for revenge on Mattosh, the MP (military police) who questioned her. After that, Kamille stole the Titans’ Gundam Mk-II to settle her grudge against her hated MP. She threw an Mk-II Vulcan at an actual human (MP) and laughed loudly at his frightened look.

The Titans are arrogant throughout the work, but a surprisingly large number of viewers were taken aback by Camille’s sharpness in the beginning. To take away the fiancée of a close friend Kira YamatoIn many ways, he acted out of character with his best friend’s fiancée.

Around this time, Kira’s body was injured, and her heart was exhausted from the continuous battles. Frey Allster was the one who devotedly nursed and supported Kira. She was fiancéed to Cy Argyle, a friend of hers, but Kira relied on Frey, her only source of support, and even had a physical relationship with her.

After that, Kira, Frey, and Sai meet face-to-face, and a shambles arrives in which Frey exposes his relationship with Kira. Cy freaks out when Kira doesn’t deny Frey’s remarks either. When Sai suddenly grabbed him, Kira immediately took him down and said coldly, “Don’t do it.

If you fight seriously, Sai won’t be able to beat me.” Frey harbors a deep resentment towards the Coordinator, so he tries to use Kira’s powers for his benefit. Kira, weak at heart, became a form of getting on Frey’s speculation. Considering the circumstances around that, there may be some room for sympathy.

That doesn’t mean Sai was at fault, so he’s the most pitiable in this one. Mobile Suit Gundam that shoots and kills kind-hearted allies Hathaway Noah, the main character of Hathaway of Flash, showed a ridiculous problem behavior in the movie “Char’s Counterattack.” Awakening to her Newtype knowledge, Hathaway sensed that Quess Paraya, whom she was attracted to, was fighting on board the Ra Cailum.

Then he boards an unmanned Jegan without permission and goes to Quess in the enemy camp. And when Hathaway was persuading Quess to stop fighting, Chain Agi appears riding Re-Gazi. Thinking Hathaway is in danger, Chain attacks the large MA “α-Azir” on which Quess rides.

The α-Azir hit directly by the grenade launcher exploded. Hathaway, furious with Quess’ death, suddenly attacked Chain’s Re-Gazi. It also shot through the cockpit. It can be said that an outrageous act of shooting and killing Chain, who was a friendly army and came to help out of fear for himself, is an unforgivable crime. Gundam protagonists are rarer than honor students. What kind of scene is the most impressive “problem behavior” for everyone?

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