DreamWorks Revamps ‘Moon Boy’ Logo

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It was revealed that DreamWorks Animation in the United States has renewed the logo that flows before the central part. US Deadline reports.

The new 32-second animated logo unveiled on November 25 (local time) is a boy sitting on the crescent moon and fishes, a symbol of DreamWorks.

The logo has a more lively feel, running through the stars of the studio’s famous movie series such as ” Shrek ” and ” Kung Fu Panda.”

Producer Suzanne Bursey (“Abominable,” ” Home: The Adventures of Bouve the Alien “), production designer Kendall Cronkart (” Trolls, “Madagascar ” series), and composer Harry Gregson-Williams (” The new logo planned and produced by the selected creative team, including the Shrek series), is the latest feature animation of the same studio, “The Cat in Boots and the Nine Lives ” (released in Japan on March 17, 2023). It is said that it will be seen for the first time at times.

In this work, which is the second installment of the ” Cat in Boots ” series with the famous character Puss appearing in the ” Shrek ” series as the main character, Puss, whose nine lives have become the last one, Joel Crawford’s megaphone of ” Trolls Happy Holidays for Everyone! “

DreamWorks Animation will release the latest popular series, “Trolls 3 (original title)” (released nationwide on November 17, 2011) and “Kung Fu Panda 4” (released nationwide on March 8, 2012). I have two on hand.

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