‘Energy to live’ ‘Enjoy with your eyes and ears, Jun Shison & Riria. Talks about the charm of the ‘bubble’ world

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The feature-length animation ” Bubble ” by Tetsuro Araki, director of the TV anime ” Attack on Titan ” series, ” Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress,” and WIT STUDIO of ” SPY x FAMILY ” will be released in theaters on May 13. The stage is Tokyo, where gravity is broken by the bubbles that have fallen into the world. Jun Shison, the voice actor of the main character Hibiki, challenged the voice actor for the first time. I heard the story of this work.

The broken city of Tokyo became a playground for young people who lost their families, and parkour team battles were held, jumping from building to building. Hibiki, the ace of Blue Blaze based in Shibuya, has a special hearing and is not good at communicating with others. He falls into the sea where gravity is distorted during one day’s play, and he is helped by a mysterious girl Uta. The encounter between the two leads to the truth that changes the world.

The script is written by Gen Urobuchi, who worked on hit works such as “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and Takeshi Obata, a manga artist known for ” DEATH NOTE ” and ” Bakuman. ” Hiroyuki Sawano is in charge of music, and top creators gather. Riria is active as a singer-songwriter without making an appearance. She has written her ending theme song, “See you again.”

Shison, who played the role of the main character Hibiki, has experience as a voice actor, but he feels the difficulty of voice work every time. When he heard that he had a hard time with this work, he immediately answered, “It’s all.”

Shison “I really couldn’t afford it. I did dubbing before the storyboard was completed, so I had to grasp the whole picture myself, but I have too many thoughts, and I’m taking a break. I was thinking about what to do next and how to imagine it so much that I didn’t have much time. I was desperate during the dubbing, and I don’t remember much.

But I was also pleased. At the scene of an actor’s play, the chances of trying many times have decreased recently. It can’t be helped because there is a battle with time, but I was glad you pointed out the details in ” Bubble. ” I think that it is impossible to do without compromising the atmosphere of the site and love for the work, so I was happy that you were particular about it. After recording everything in a few days, I had time to re-record the part I was interested in after another 3-4 months. “

I challenged the voice actor for the first time. At first, he was worried, but he was encouraged by a word from Director Araki.

Riria. “I’ve never played, and it was tough because I needed skills different from singing, but Director Araki said,” I’m usually Ria. You don’t have to play. ” It was easy to do in that respect because he did. “

“I had the most difficulty breathing. Once again, I thought the voice actor was amazing,” said Riria. She gently called out, “I can do it even if I can’t do it!” The two met for the second time on this day, Riria. “I was nervous because it was the first time (when I met) that many people surrounded me, but I asked Mr. Shison to relieve my tension. Thank you.

Shison: At that time, I talked about “I’m nervous (interviewing).” Riria. I have the impression that she’s mysterious. It’s a mystery about how she lives. I feel like a life-sized woman, so I can’t grasp it. “

Shison asked me, “What are you usually playing?” Answers, “I go to karaoke with my friends and go to Shibuya,” but Shison laughs and laughs, “I can’t see my private life yet.”

Such a mysterious Naria. ” It is very similar to Uta in that it wears a soft air that softens the mood on the spot. However, when asked what is identical to Uta, “Uta is a character who starts from a state of not knowing anything and gradually knows. There are many things I do not know yet, so I will know progressively. Then, I think there are similarities … And I think that the places where I like rice are similar (laughs).

This work is packed with highlights such as a masterpiece of parkour action and a sad story where top creators gather. When I heard the “interestingness” of the movie again, I conveyed the charm as follows.

Riria. “The music and video are amazing, but I never get tired of it. I don’t usually watch anime, but I enjoy it with my eyes and ears, and I can watch it without getting tired of it. Those who don’t watch anime very much are Also recommended. “

Shison “I felt the vitality and energy to live. When I first heard the story of this work, I didn’t think that the world would be so pandemic, and I thought it was fantasy with unrealistic content, but now it is like this. I don’t believe that a new world will come. Even in such a situation, (the characters) are still alive for their profession, and there are feelings of friendship, love, etc., in that world. I started to feel that I shouldn’t give up. I’m still in a situation where various things happen, but even if the environment changes in the future, I think that what I need to live hasn’t changed. It’s abstract, but I got the energy to live. “

” Bubble ” will be released in theaters on May 13. Before the movie version, the Netflix version has been distributed since April 28.

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