Stage ‘Sazae-san’ Introducing Norika Fujiwara and Ken Matsudaira as ‘General, Kiyomori, Namihei-san’ on the first day of Osaka.

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The Osaka performance of the stage “Sazae-san” starring actress Norika Fujiwara (50) began on the 22nd at Shin Kabukiza in Tennoji-Ku, Osaka.

A stage version of a national anime based on Machiko Hasegawa was staged in Tokyo and Fukuoka in 2019 under the theme of “Isono Family 10 Years Later”. In this sequel, Katsuo is a college graduate freeter, Wakame is aspiring to be a designer and is studying abroad in Paris, and Tara is a high school student.

At the curtain call, Norika said, “Thank you for coming to her first performance in Osaka in an unstable situation! You laughed in the mask, and you were excited to play. Thank you.

Mr. Namihei from “(The Unfettered Shogun) Shogun Taira no Kiyomori (NHK Taiga” 13 Lords of Kamakura “). Ken Matsudaira (68), who played the role of his father, Namihei, said, “I’m a big senior I love.” “…” he said, “I’m glad that everyone was feeling relaxed because of the laughter.” Until the 27th.

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