Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure, Episode 4! Cure Prism Appears!

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In the TV anime “Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”, the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the 4th episode, “I am also a hero girl! Cure Prism appears!”

The motif of this work is the “sky” that spreads endlessly. The theme is “Hero.” The keyword is “the world that spreads by knowing.” “Skyland,” a world in the sky, and “Solaseed City” surrounded by nature. Set in two cities, the new Pretty Cure is very active! Hop to a world that spreads infinitely like the sky! Step! Jump! The adventure of Pretty Cure begins now!

TV animation [Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure”, Episode 4 Synopsis & Scene Cut

Episode 4 “I’m a Hero Girl! Cure Prism Appears!!

“The owner of that voice was her childhood friend Hijiriage, who loves Mashiro like her little sister. Sora ends up telling her about Skyland, which she had kept secret. Still, she says, “Tell me about it someday,” and doesn’t seem to care. Agehaha was visiting Solaseed City to go to nursery school. She says she is aiming to be the “strongest nursery teacher.” Mashiro is impatient with Sora, who aims to be her hero, because he hasn’t decided what he wants to be.

At that time, Kabaton’s sneaky trap attacks Mashiro and the others. Sora’s Mirage Pen is stolen by Kabaton, making it impossible for Sora to transform into Cure Sky. Mashiro and Ageha desperately run away as she protects Elle from the mushroom-shaped Ramborg. Mashiro, who wants to help Sora, has the same Mirage pen glow as Sora in her chest.

Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 4 Trailer “I’m a Hero Girl! Cure Prism Appears!!”

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