Commemorating the 16th volume of the manga ‘Yakuya no Hitorigoto’ anime adaptation! Bookmark distribution at some bookstores

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The latest 16 volumes of the comicalized version of the novel “Yakuya no Hitorigoto,” which has sold over 21 million copies, have been released.

The work is a viral inner palace mystery-solving entertainment in which a girl who plays a “poison taster” solves various complex cases in the court one after another, set in the Middle Ages Orient.

The original is a novel that started serialization on the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist” in October 2011 and then published in “Hero Bunko.” The manga is serialized in the monthly magazines “Big Gangan” and “Sunday GX,” Comics have also been released, and the series has sold over 21 million copies. The TV anime will be broadcast in 2023.

To commemorate the TV animation and the new book’s release, a novelty campaign will be held nationwide at some bookstores where you can get a “Neko Neko Honzo Tsuname Shiori.” It is a bookmark where you can learn trivia about plants and Chinese medicine that appear in work.

The pharmacist’s soliloquy ~ Cat and Cat’s inner palace mystery solving notebook ~ Chapter 16 Synopsis

The Cat came to believe that the place where the root of the “malice” that spreads in the inner palace is the clinic where the middle-aged court lady Shenryu and others serve. Cat (Maomao).

There, she encounters Suirei, a mysterious woman who escaped being suspected of assassination with a drug that puts her in a state of suspended animation! Maomao, who was taken hostage by her maid companion, Shisui, who was present, was threatened by Suiring…!??

On the other hand, Jinshi, who was informed that Maomao was missing, started searching with her teacher, Luomen–and found the “white paper” left by Maomao!?

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