‘Fanfare of Adolescence’ 4 and 2 broadcasts started. JO1 Syoya Kimata & Shosei Ohira added to the additional cast on PV release

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It has been decided that the original TV anime “Fanfare of Adolescence”, which depicts the youth of boys aiming to be jockeys at a horse racing school, will be broadcast from April 2nd. At the same time, PV and additional cast information will be released, and JO1 Syoya Kimata & Shosei Ohira will appear.

JO1’s Syoya Kimata and Shosei Ohira are in charge of the roles of Kasei Minamihara and Shosei Ohira, members of the idol group “Mr. Doctor” to which the main character, Yu Arimura once belonged. Kimata who participated in the dubbing commented that “a very good work that allows you to experience the world of horse racing school that you did not know before through animation”, and Ohira commented that “an animation that has the power to push the back of people who chase dreams”.

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