‘I’ll borrow her’ Chizuru cooking in a ponytail? The new character, Mini Yaemori, appears Episode 1 outline & scene cut released.

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The synopsis and scene cuts of the first episode (total of 25 episodes) of the TV anime “She will borrow” Season 3 (Broadcast on MBS/TBS from July 7th) has been released.

The new character Mini Yaemori Kazuya decided to self-produce a movie starring Chizuru in the 25th episode of “Kanokari,” a new scene cut “Home cooking and her Omukano” released. However, when he shows the crowdfunding site page he created to the person in charge, he is told that the project must be launched elsewhere.

Kazuya and Chizuru talk about it on the veranda of their apartment, but… “If they’re so flirtatious, they should go out together.” It was Mini Yaemori who had moved into Room 202 to talk to the two of them.

The work is based on the manga of the same name, which has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) since July 2017. One day, Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student in Tokyo, feels like a boyfriend for a fee. Apply for a “rental girlfriend” (Lencano) who can

The transcendent beauty, Chizuru Mizuhara, appeared at the meeting place for the date, and Kazuya fell in love with her, but she was a plain girl who went to the same university. A “rental” romantic comedy in which Chizuru, who can’t let others find out, and Kazuya, who can’t control his love, get scolded at times and help each other, even involving family, friends, and ex-girlfriends.

The cumulative circulation has exceeded 10 million copies, and the first season of the anime will be broadcast in July 2020, and the second season will be broadcast from July to September 2022. In 2022, it will be made into a live-action drama.

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