‘FINAL FANTASY XV’ is the 5th anniversary today on November 29th!

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Today, November 29th is the 5th anniversary of “FINAL FANTASY XV,” developed by Square Enix on November 29th, 2016.

The story of “FINAL FANTASY XV” begins a few days before the signing ceremony of the peace treaty between the “Kingdom of Lucis” and the “Empire of Niflheim,” which had been in a state of war for many years.

As proof of the peace treaty, the engagement between the prince of the Kingdom of Lucis “Noctis” and the shrine maiden of the god Nagi “Luna Frena” was decided. A few days before the signing ceremony, “Regis,” the father and king of the Kingdom of Lucis, called “Noctis” the shield of the king, “Gradiolas” belonging to the Guard, “Ignis” the prince’s side, and “Ignis” of the mood maker. He sent him to Tenebrae, an imperial province, for a wedding with “Luna Frena” with “Prompt.”

The wedding of the two was supposed to be a symbol of peace between the two countries, but aiming for the day of the signing ceremony, the “Nifuruheim Imperial Army” surprised the “Kingdom of Lucis, Insomnia,” and the “Kingdom of Lucis” was virtually defeated.

Hearing the fall of the royal capital and the death of King Lucis, “Noctis” decides to go on a journey around the country to move forward and become more vital to recapture the crystal. Become.

In this work, you can drive your favorite car of “Noctis” or ride a Chocobo in the woods on a vast map drawn with beautiful graphics that you can move freely. In addition, the specifications that can be recovered by camping during the trip are new, and the realism of meals and the number of polygons were talked about at the beginning of the sale. In addition, the battle is an action that the player directly operates, and the battle action with a higher degree of freedom than the “Final Fantasy Type-0” that is also directly operated is also characteristic.

In “FINAL FANTASY XV,” the story of each character, DLC to delve into its humanity, and the stand-alone version of “FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES” that allows online cooperative play will appear. In addition, “FINAL FANTASY XV Royal Edition” with additional content has also appeared, and the content was announced a while after its release.

Furthermore, this work will also release 3DCG movies with details of anime works and the fall of the royal capital, and you can understand the world of “FINAL FANTASY XV” more deeply by watching them.

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