‘100 Kano’ TV animation! Broadcast in 2023, cast Wataru Kato, Kaede Hondo, Miyu Tomita

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“100 girlfriends who love you very much,” written by Rikito Nakamura and drawn by Yukiko Nozawa, will be made into a TV animation. At the same time, the main cast, central staff, and teaser visuals have been released.

“100 girlfriends who love you very much” is a romantic comedy featuring Kotaro Aijo, a boy who is so unpopular that he has experienced broken hearts 100 times before graduating from junior high school. In high school, the god appeared before Kotaro, who had asked her to do it, and was told that he would meet 100 destined people in high school. However, according to the gods, humans who meet their destined person will die unless they fall in love with that person and become happy.

The original is Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha), My Neighbor Young Jump, Yanjan! Shonen Jump + is also serialized. The latest 13 volumes will be released on March 17th. Wataru Kato will play the role of Kotaro Aijo, the main character who loves 100 destined girls with all his might without discrimination and has a high degree of sincerity. One of Koitaro’s girlfriends, Hakari Hanazono, has a tactical side. Kaede Hondo will play the role, and Miyu Tomita will play the role of Karane Inda, one of Kotaro’s girlfriends with a tsundere personality. Comments have also arrived from three people.

The teaser visual depicts Kotaro and his first two girlfriends, Hakari and Karaon, making hearts with their hands. Bibury Animation Studio is in charge of animation production. The director is Hikaru Sato, the series composer is Takashi Aoshima, and the character designer is Akane Yano. The anime will air in 2023.

Comment from Wataru Kato (Kentaro Aijo) My name is Wataru Kato, and I will play Kointaro Aijo. When I heard about the audition for this work, I thought, “Oh, it would be frustrating if someone else did this. I am pleased. Kotaro is a wonderful boy who, with his monstrous fidelity, will risk his life to love all his lovers. Compared to him, I don’t have much human emotion, but I want to do everything possible to play Kotaro. For me, Koitaro is also “101 lovers”. I will do my best to deliver the charm of the most potent, most robust original that will surely make people who read it smile to more people through the medium of animation. Thank you very much.

Comment from Kaede Hondo (voice of Hakari Hanazono) I was pleased when the casting was decided! Playing Hakari through the audition was so much fun that I couldn’t help it, so when I heard about the decision, I made a fist pump, ordered delivery, and ate sushi. Once the role is decided, I have decided to eat sushi. Also, I will play the normal Hakari, the conspiratorial mode Hakari, and even more of the nasty bastard Hakari who has exposed her true nature to the fullest! I made a new determination! I will put out all my emotions and pervertedness at the post-recording site of this work! Thank you! My favorite part of the character is the good part! Hakari looks cute and soft, and she’s a girl, but when she’s serious, she’s fantastic.

Regarding my beloved Koitaro, I do everything possible to make things happen. She genuinely cries out in regret and despair when she loses a precious chance. The amplitude is fantastic. At the beginning (maybe it takes a few minutes), you can still see the beautiful Hakari-chan, so I hope you will oversee it from the first episode. Please love the rough Hane Kaori too!! After reading the original, my impression is a comedy roller coaster running at full throttle! It’s so funny, full of lines that make you want to read them out loud. In particular, tsukkomi against blur becomes a habit. How will the words come out?

I love the surreal tsukkomi that is sometimes inserted in the energetic exchanges. Please read it. It’s a work with such momentum, but in addition to that, the art is so cute that it neutralizes something and makes you addicted!!! Comment from Miyu Tomita (role of Karane Inda) This is Miyu Tomita! From the moment I saw Karaon for the first time at the audition, I felt like I was in the middle of the story, “It’s destiny!!!!!” Despite being overwhelmed by the excellent tempo and the massive amount of dialogue, all the cast are doing their best while enjoying it to the fullest. A work that makes you laugh out loud and makes you feel busy in a good way. Everyone, please be swayed a lot!!

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