Fuka Miyazawa is a citizen of Nanjo when Kukuru Umisakino! Resident’s card “White sand aquatope” for anime characters

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On the 7th, the city hall held a delivery ceremony to commemorate the issuance of a particular resident card to the main characters of the TV anime “The Aquatope on White Sand” set in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture. Miku Ito and Rikako Aida, the voice actors who play the main characters, received the resident card with a smile.

This work is set in natural city sightseeing spots and fictitious areas in the prefecture. It is depicted as a story of high school girls struggling and struggling to survive the dilapidated aquarium.

Mr. Ito, who plays the role of the main character “Kukuru Umisakino,” enthusiastically gave his impressions of visiting the city before the ceremony to the visitors. “I was surprised at the scale of the scenery. Especially, Cape Chinen Park was more colorful than the anime,” he said.

Another main character, Mr. Aida, who plays the role of “Fuka Miyazawa,” also explains the joy of seeing the actual wooden swing on Azama Sun Sun Beach. “I felt a warm atmosphere as if the anime characters were alive somewhere in the area,” he said.

On this day, 57 fans from inside and outside the prefecture who went through the lottery came to the venue to receive the same resident card as the characters. There was also a lottery at the venue, and ten fans were handed autographed resident cards of the voice actors.

Kaori Kono, who lives in Chinen, Nanjo City, who received the autographed resident card, said, “I’m pleased. I’ve seen it for the first time because it’s an anime that shows the scenery I usually see. The characters are attractive and drawn in.” Said.

Mayor Chobin Zukeran said, “I am very pleased to have the voice actors come together. The two are wonderful as the image of the work. Thank you to the people involved in the production for their efforts.”

The work will be broadcast on Ryukyu Broadcasting from July 8th every Thursday at 1:34 am and broadcast on BS Fuji and others and scheduled to be broadcast until December.

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