‘Galaxy Express 999 THE MUSICAL’ Mari Hanafusa as Maetel and Sayaka Kanda

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The production side of “Galaxy Express 999 THE MUSICAL”, to be performed from April 8 to 18, has recently announced that Mari Hanafusa will play the role of Maetel in place of Sayaka Kanda died on December 18, 2021.

Hanazou, who has been selected as the Maetel, is a top star of the former Takarazuka Revue / Snow Troupe, daughter, and has starred in numerous masterpieces as a top star for a total of 12 years and three months, which was the longest record in history when he was enrolled. After she left the group, she starred in musicals such as “Lady Bess,” “Elizabeth,” and ” Marie Antoinette, ” and in 2016, she won the Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award, the youngest in history. She has also won numerous awards, including the Yomiuri Theater Awards for Outstanding Actress and Matsuo Performing Arts Award for Actress.

The full comments of Hanazono, Akinori Nakagawa, and Mr Kanda’s agency are as follows.

We are pleased to announce that we will play the role of Maetel
in “Galaxy Express 999 THE MUSICAL” as a substitute for Sayaka Kanda.

I couldn’t decide what to do when I heard the story, so I was apprehensive.

However, if this performance was cancelled, I felt that my feelings for the stage would disappear together.

In addition, I have also experienced the pain of not being able to perform in this corona-stricken situation.

I was apprehensive about whether I could help myself with something, even a little, but I decided to accept this story.

Many people love Saya. I loved it, and I always faced the stage sincerely.

I think many people can’t take it as a reality yet.
Me too.

But to move forward.
I want to live Maetel with all my heart with Saya.

Towards “Galaxy Express 999 THE MUSICAL” in the form of a restart

I want to express my gratitude on behalf of everyone involved in this work that Mari Hanafusa took over the role of Maetel. I feel that the feeling of deciding while worrying is irreplaceable. Is

When Galaxy Express 999 starts to move, There are various encounters in each of the characters who live in the finite present.

Meet people and things, and sometimes we encounter unexpected reality.

The future will surely change significantly depending on how it moves.

As long as the star named “Sayaka” is shining in this universe, we will perform again with sincere respect and gratitude to Mari Hanafusa for making us think that we are watching over our destination. I’m heading towards

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the casting staff and all concerned. Deeply apologize.

Mari Hanafusa is a big senior that Kanda longed for and aimed at. She has a history of co-starring, and she loved her so much that she called her “Hana-chan”, and she was adorable.

In an unexpected situation, I was impressed not only by the thoughts of Kanda but also by the kindness of many people, as they took the sudden request seriously. And I am deeply grateful to you for accepting the role of Maetel and for your sincere response to her consent.

I’m sure Kanda will be highly pleased to play the role of Maetel with Mr Hanazono.

We pray for the success of the performance and express our sincere gratitude and apologies.

“Galaxy Express 999 THE MUSICAL” will be performed at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo from April 8 to 18th. Tickets will be preceded by the organizer from February 18.

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