Trend magazine, ‘TNT’ ‘Trauma’ received ‘Simply K-Pop’ Sniping the global heart with unprecedented intensity

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[OSEN=Reporter Lee Seung-hoon] Boy group TRENDZ announced their strong presence through a new performance with a splendid stage to global fans.

Trend magazines (Habit, Leon, Yunwoo, Korea, Rael, Eunil, Yechan) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop’, which was broadcast from 7 pm on the 7th, and performed the title song ‘TNT’ and the b-side song ‘Trauma’.

On this day, Trend magazine wore a school uniform and announced the start of the ‘Trauma’ stage. Trend magazine, which showed an intense sword choreography, decorated the ending fairy with a relaxed appearance that was not like a rookie on the set of ‘TNT’ that followed, providing a ‘cartoon tear’ visual and cute charm at the same time, exuding the individual charisma of the seven members.

In particular, the stage of ‘Trauma’ caught the attention of global fans as it was revealed for the first time through broadcasting. The energetic and powerful performance shocked viewers with a different look from the existing K-pop performance and properly sniped the taste of Generation Z.

Trend magazine, which is currently active in various content and music shows, has earned the modifier ‘Black Tiger’ from fans around the world and Korea, with its debut album ‘BLUE SET Chapter1′ on the 5th. TRACKS’ and is being reborn as a leading role in leading the trend of Generation Z.

Previously, Trend magazine received a warm response from global fans by performing in pyjamas to commemorate the 1 million views of the ‘TNT’ music video.

Trend magazine, which has secured a solid global fandom with a differentiated worldview and limitless music spectrum, plans to continue with a follow-up song.

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