Gravity action movie ‘Bubble’ highest peak anime creators gather.

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A super-large theater original animated film is born, bringing together top-class creators of both popularity and ability in Japan and overseas. Broadcasting began in 2013, and the overwhelming quality and dynamic action of three-dimensional maneuvering have become a hot topic worldwide. Director Tetsuro Araki of the anime “Attack on Titan” and WIT STUDIO’s robust tag present It has been decided that the sizeable original animation “Bubble” will be released nationwide on May 13, 2022 (Friday), and will be distributed worldwide as a NETFLIX version on April 28, 2022 (Thursday).

In Tokyo, where gravity is broken, the feelings of boys and girls are drawn to each other.

The stage of this work in Tokyo, where gravity is broken by the bubbles that have poured into the world. Tokyo, where the lifeline was closed, became a playground for young people who lost their families and a battlefield for parkour team battles running from building to building.

One day, Ace’s Hibiki, who was attracting attention for his dangerous playstyle, fell into the sea where gravity is distorted due to unorthodox play. Uta, a girl with a mysterious power who suddenly appeared there, saved Hibiki’s life. And only two people heard a unique sound.

Why did Uta appear before Hibiki? The encounter between the two leads to the truth that changes the world.

The director of this film is Tetsuro Araki, a Japanese animation director. The director is most coveted for the following work, which has taken the world’s sympathy with the catharsis that crawls up from the extreme human image and despair, with the three-dimensional mobile action video of the animation “Attack on Titan.”

“I’ve been making it quietly for many years, but I’m happy to finally unveil it. Not to mention the exhilarating action and beautiful background art, I hope I can take you to unexpected places this time. I’m thinking. I want to show you soon! “

In addition, Gen Urobuchi caused a social phenomenon with “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” in the script. Even in “Fate / Zero” and “PSYCHO-PASS,” viewers have been fascinated by the dense storytelling where the mystery calls a mystery.

“Starting from wanting to make something interesting with Mr. Araki,” in the story of the mermaid princess motif, “a girl becomes a bubble after falling in love” becomes “a bubble falls in love and becomes a girl” How about rearranging? With the idea, many attractive staff, including Mr. Obata, gathered. It was an exciting experience where countless bubbles gathered into one big swell. Comments were received on the exciting collaboration between creators.

The original character design includes the famous “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman” drawn in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. 怸Takeshi Obata. The music is Hiroyuki Sawano, such as the animated films “Promare,” “Mobile Suit Gundam NT,” and “Attack on Titan.” He has worked on many hit anime songs, but he is dynamically excited from the music side.

In addition, WIT STUDIO, which produced this work, was “Attack on Titan” that was released to the world with director Araki, and shocked not only the industry but also the world with the drawing technology repaints the history of animation and the outstanding action work.

What kind of work do the gorgeous creators of anime fans newly create the movie “Bubble”? Stay tuned for this work, which will continue to attract more attention until its release!

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