‘Gundam Manhole’ project started Gundam & Odawara Castle, and Char’s fishing Z’Gok was released.

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The BANDAI NAMCO Group “Gundam Project” has started the “Gundam Manhole” project, which aims to set up an original manhole designed by Gundam in cooperation with local governments nationwide. As the first step, an actual design manhole will be set up in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on August 1.

“Gundam Manhole” project of “Gundam Manhole” has a manhole cover “Gundam Manhole” designed with characters and mobile suits that appear in the popular anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” series nationwide. Efforts to install. As the first project, two types of manholes, the popular mobile suits “Gundam” and “Char’s Z’Gok” that appear in “Mobile Suit Gundam,” will be opened in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the birthplace of Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of Gundam. Donated.

There are two types of manholes donated to Odawara City: the popular mobile suits “Gundam” and “Char’s Z’Gok.” The background of the Gundam-designed manhole is Odawara Castle, and the set of the Char’s Z’Gok-designed manhole is the lantern lighthouse at the Odawara fishing port. Both manholes have Odawara’s unique design.

The two types of manholes were donated on July 17, and Mr. Tomino also attended the “Gundam Manhole Donation Ceremony” to show off the actual manholes. Until the 31st, a special exhibition will be held at the Odawara Castle Tower sponsored by Odawara City. After that, it will be installed in the city from August 1. Various projects will be implemented along with it, such as the unveiling of staircase art that designed Gundam and Odawara Castle, which is part of the Odawara Castle attraction project.

The second and subsequent rounds are under consideration with each local government. It is said that it accepts applications and inquiries from the person in charge of the local government (government offices such as municipalities) considering the installation.

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