‘ONE PIECE’ comic volume 100 release commemorative project started!

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A gorgeous project to commemorate the release of 100 volumes of comics, which will be celebrated on September 3, 2021, by the popular manga “ONE PIECE” (written by Eiichiro Oda), started on July 19 (Monday).

The story “ONE PIECE,” spun by Eiichiro Oda, started serializing in “Weekly Shonen Jump” on July 22, 1997, and reached 1000 episodes serialized on January 4, 2021. In commemoration of this, a worldwide character popularity vote was also held. More than 12 million votes were received, reconfirming that it is a trendy work in Japan and worldwide.

Boosted by this excitement, the cumulative circulation overseas has reached 90 million, and the cumulative circulation worldwide, including the domestic (more than 400 million), has exceeded 490 million. This year, which is the 24th year of the serialization, the unprecedented scale of this work will celebrate the release of 100 volumes of comics, which will be another significant milestone, on September 3.

A gorgeous commemorative project will start on July 19 to reach the 100th volume of this work! Under the catchphrase “WE ARE ONE.,” We will make the world “one piece” with a magnificent scale project that involves the universe and will liven up to the release of 100 memorable volumes.
The details of the project will be announced one by one on the “100 Volume Release Commemorative Site” that will be released from July 19, just before the day of “ONE PIECE” (July 22).

  1. Luffy and his friends go to space with “KIBO DISCOVER PROJECT” by Shueisha x JAXA x Bascule!

One of the projects released this time, “KIBO DISCOVER PROJECT,” is a joint development of Shueisha, JAXA, and Bascule, which challenges bringing hope to the world through “space adventure.” Collaboration with JAXA and KIBO Space Broadcasting Station was realized from the desire to give society the gratitude to reach 100 volumes of comics.

“Space Daisakusen” linked with the ISS visible forecast service “Let’s see #Kibo” will start on August 2 (Monday) and will include a broadcast with “Hoshide ISS Captain” on September 3 (Friday). “Space Adventure Special Program” will be broadcast on official Twitter and YouTube.
In this project, with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology cooperation, we will promote the dissemination of information to schools nationwide, aiming for many children to participate in this project.

  1. Super-luxury director, video work sent by cast members
    Under the guidance of a well-known movie director, a short group drama work is underway in which a drama scene in which gorgeous actors appear and an animation scene handled by five animation directors intersect. !! Stay tuned for more updates ♪

3.The largest ever! Let’s catch up with the Wano country edition with a free comics release campaign from 1 to 90 volumes!

In the manga magazine app “Shonen Jump +” and the general electronic bookstore “Ze Black” operated by Shueisha, volumes 1 to 90 are stepped up from July 19 (Monday) to September 2 (Thursday). Develop a campaign that you can read for free. The scope of the disclosure will be the most significant free release in the history of “ONE PIECE.”

  1. The 3rd nationwide ONE PIECE Knowledge King deciding match will be held, and reservations will start.

The “ONE PIECE” Knowledge King, which will be held for the third time this year, is a simultaneous examination for “ONE PIECE” fans nationwide, covering all the questions that make up the world of “ONE PIECE.” Pre-registration for this exam will begin on Monday, July 19. We will prepare special prizes for many participants this year and give the winner the right to draw his favorite character to Mr. Eiichiro Oda!

  1. “ONE PIECE” x “Look for Wally! ] Is a miracle collaboration!

In the 33/34 merged issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump,” released on Monday, July 19, a unique collaboration poster of “Where’s Wally! In ONE PIECE” is bound as an appendix. It is a special poster that looks for Wally, his friends, and the Straw Hat Pirates hidden in the illustration set in Onigashima, Wano, where the battle is currently being fought in “ONE PIECE.”
There is also a gift campaign where you can win by posting the character you found with the hashtag #Wally in Dress on Twitter, and details will be announced on the official Twitter of the “ONE PIECE” staff.

  1. Oda-sensei’s short story “MONSTER” before “ONE PIECE” was serialized into a voiced comic

“WANTED! The one-shot work “MONSTERS” recorded in “Eiichiro Oda Short Edit” will be made into a voice comic with gorgeous voice actors! With “Legendary Samurai Ryuma” as the main character, the story of this work is an episode related to the currently serialized “ONE PIECE” Wano Kuni edition, and expectations are high for future follow-up reports. Such as the announcement of voice actors! “ONE PIECE,” which enthusiastically depicts the lives of pirates, is finally on the 100th volume of comics!

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