Happy set, ‘Rilakkuma’ and ‘Jurassic World / Survival Camp’ is now available

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McDonald’s Japan will sell Happy Set “Jurassic World / Survival Camp” and Happy Set “Rilakkuma” at McDonald’s nationwide (excluding some stores) for a limited time from May 20th.

Happy set “Jurassic World / Survival Camp” is a papercraft toy of dinosaurs and pterosaurs that appears in the anime “Jurassic World / Survival Camp” exclusively distributed by Netflix. As part of our environmentally friendly efforts, the body and case are made of FSC-certified paper without plastic.

The theme for this development is to foster the imagination of the world where dinosaurs lived through recognition of figures and spaces, natural science, and play. In the first bullet, all three types of dinosaurs and pterosaurs, including the powerful “Tyrannosaurus Rex,” seem to start moving when the parts are assembled. The herbivorous dinosaur “Triceratops” in the second bullet features three horns. All three types of dinosaurs will appear.

The happy set “Rilakkuma,” in which popular Rilakkuma characters have become colorful and cute stationery, is now available. The theme for this development is to foster creativity by recognizing figures and space’s lifestyle, playing with each toy, and making crafts. In the first bullet, all three types, such as a stencil and pencil that you can draw by tracing Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori with a pencil, and a set of memos such as “Rilakkuma’s Oekaki Set,” and in the second bullet, the attached paper A lineup of all three types of stationery toys, such as the “Chai Roy Cogma Whole Puncher” that makes holes in the Rilakkuma shape.

For the two days of May 21st and 22nd, purchase one set of Happy Meal “Jurassic World / Survival Camp,” “Jurassic World Dinosaur / Pterosaur Seal,” and one set of Happy Meal “Rilakkuma.” We will give you a “Rilakkuma stamp pretend sticker.”

In addition, the picture book “Hatatsuya-san” and the mini pictorial book “Water creatures/crabs, shellfish, etc. with his quiz” will be newly released on May 20th in Happy Meal.

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