What is the new mission of ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Project Mew’?

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The 110th episode of “The Traitorous Battle Royale!” The anime “Pokemon” (TV Tokyo series, every Friday from 18:55) will be broadcast on May 13. Then, it will be distributed in real-time for free on the commercial TV official TV distribution service “Tver.”

Last time, in episode 109, the players who will participate in the Masters Tournament of the tournament “Pokemon World Championships” that decides the most muscular Pokemon battle will be resolved. Satoshi (CV: Rica Matsumoto), who won a fierce competition with Kibana (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka), boasts overwhelming ability in the Galar region. As a result, she brilliantly moved up from 9th to 8th in the rankings, winning her long-cherished Masters Eight position.

‘Episode 110 Synopsis’

Go (CV: Daiki Yamashita) and Satoshi (CV: Rica Matsumoto) came to Sea Mauville, Hoenn, for a new mission of “Project Miu.” This mission is survival! Battle with other challengers in the facility, and only the last remaining one will be the winner. Go, who challenges Intereon, reunites with his friend Tokio (CV: Ayahi Takagaki). A battle royale with swirling tricks and betrayals, who will survive !?

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