Hidekazu Tanaka, a famous composer who provided music for ‘Imus’ and ‘Uma Musume’, was arrested on suspicion of attempted indecent assault

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NHK News reports that composer Hidekazu Tanaka has been arrested. Hidekazu Tanaka is known for his work on The Idolmaster, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, and Aikatsu! Photo on stage! ! He is a famous composer among fans who have provided music for many popular games and animations.

Representative songs include “My REST@RT” and “M@GIC” from Imus, “Transforming” and “Silent Star” from Uma Musume, and “Dramatic Girl” and “Move on now!” from Aikatsu.

According to reports, in August 2022, he is suspected of attempted indecent assault on a teenage woman in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, after saying obscene words and forcibly pulling her hand. When the woman complained of damage to a nearby police box and the Metropolitan Police Department investigated, the security camera at the station showed that she was following the woman. They say they are investigating the situation.

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