‘What is the situation!?’ A dog riding on its owner’s face with all its strength ‘Is it being rewarded?’

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The owner puts all his strength into the face of a petite dog. He can’t see his face, but for some reason, he can feel his happiness through the screen…! ? We asked Mr Chikuwa △ (Pome @chikuwa_pome222) (from now on referred to as the owner), who posted the image about the exact situation when the photo was taken.

What became a hot topic this time is called “Chikuwa”, a 1-year-old Pomeranian boy with a party colour mixed with multiple colours such as grey and brown on a white background. The owner, who had always wanted to have a Pomeranian, fell in love with Chikuwaku at first sight when he happened to visit a pet shop with his wife.

Since there is no explanatory text in the post, there are people who ask the owner, “What is the situation?”, “Is it being rewarded ? ” various voices have arrived. I asked the owner what happened when the photo was taken.

He loves Papa so much that when he gets excited, he pulls his hair out for some reason.

You’re leaning on Papa’s face with all your weight. She always loves her dad and licks her face forcibly, but when her tension rises and heats up, for some reason, she begins to pluck her hair. Papa is happy while saying, “Stop!”

That’s right. By the way, “Chikuwa” is a cute name. The dog’s characteristic fur colour and pattern resembled a chikuwa, and the owner’s favourite anime dog was named “chikuwa.”

There was a big reaction to Chikuwa-Kun’s smooth appearance. I am very grateful to receive comments saying I am cute and to follow me on Twitter. I’m so happy that everyone is so kind to give likes and replies to such tweets.

Currently, Chikuwa-Kun says to us, “He’s a cute and fluffy dog ​​who has led us to a happy world. The two owners love and care for him with all their might.” Owner. She added, “I’d like to go camping with you before it gets cold. Chikuwa, the character in the anime from which the name is derived, is also camping with the main characters, so we can go camping in the same way. I think it would be fun,” said the owner. So, camping with Chikuwa-Kun, please make it happen. (Maidona News special contract, Akira Yamamoto)

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