‘Horimiya’ New Anime Starts Broadcasting in July Teaser PV Released

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It has been decided that the anime “Horimiya -piece-,” which depicts the original episode not drawn in the previous work, will be broadcast from July 2023. At the same time, a teaser visual and teaser PV has been released.

There is you, and there is everyone. Our pieces come together.
The popular manga “Horimiya” has sold over 8 million copies.

The long-awaited TV animation will be made in 2021. In July 2023, the cast and staff will reunite with popular episodes of the original that were not drawn in the previous work, and the new animation will be broadcast.

Kyoko Hori is beautiful, has good grades, and is the center of her class at school. One day, her shy classmate, Miyamura, brings home Hori’s younger brother Sota, who is injured, and the distance between her and Hori shrinks. Miyamura deepens exchanges with her classmates as a result of her moat. The days change vividly by connecting with everyone. Every day is an ultra-slightly carbonated school life filled with youth.

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