Hugh Jackman appears as a voice actor in the comedy anime ‘Koalaman.’

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As a voice actor, Hugh Jackman from Australia has decided to participate in Hulu’s original comedy anime series “Koalaman (original title).” The Hollywood Reporter and others have reported.

In Dapto, a suburb of Australia, Kevin, Koalaman, whose unique ability is to be passionate about eradicating misdemeanors, uses evil masterminds, supernatural horrors, and rubbish to protect his hometown beautification. It depicts an adventure struggling to defeat the unpleasant inhabitants who cannot clean up properly. Jackman, a well-loved town council representative, speaks to the character of his boss, Big Greg, who is stealing Kevin’s credit.

20th Century Television Animation produced all eight episodes. Australian creator and animator Michael Cusack is the executive producer and Kevin’s voice. Justin Roiland, executive producer of the science fiction comedy anime “Rick and Morty,” and Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, the scriptwriters of the live-action movie ” Detective Pikachu,” will be executive producers. The delivery start date is undecided.

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