‘Obake Zukan!’ Yamashita Daiki continues from season 1 Rie Kugimiya as partner’s new ghost

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Daiki Yamashita and Rie Kugimiya will appear in the second season of the anime ” Obake Zukan,” which will start on TV on Tokyo’s “Oha Suta” on October 5. At the same time, a promotional video featuring the self-introductions of Hiroshi, the main character, and Minyan, a new ghost that will appear in the second season, has been released, and the theme song will be sung by the 5-member male unit “BMK.”

The original is a popular children’s story series by Hiroshi Saito and illustrated by Etsuyoshi Miyamoto that introduces the fear of various ghosts and how to deal with them.

In 2020, “Oha Suta” was made into a short drama and animation, and on July 22, a live-action movie, ” Ghost Book Obake Zukan,” was released. In the first season of the anime, ” Obakezukan, “a boy named Hiroshi who lives in Obagemachi uses a special smartphone, “Bakeho,” with Bonyan, a ghost wearing a cat’s head, to take pictures of ghosts. Finally, I drew a picture of the completion of Kan.

In the 2nd term, ” Obake Zukan! “, one day after Bonyan returned to the world of ghosts, Bonyan’s younger sister Minyan appeared in front of Hiroshi, becoming a full-fledged cat head, so she Aiming to complete the ghost book with him.

Yamashita will continue to play the role of Hiroshi from the first season, and Kugimiya will play Minyan, who takes on the adventure of collecting ghosts as Hiroshi’s partner. In addition, Hana Sato, who plays the role of Bakeho, will continue from the first season. Yamashita said, “I’m happy to continue playing Hiroshi from the first season!” comment. Kugimiya said, “Minyan looks up to his older brother, Bonyan, and tries his best to become a full-fledged ghost. Looking back

“BMK” sings “Obake Bake Bake Gatcha!”, which is written, composed, and choreographed by “Keropons,” known for “Ebikanikus.” In the opening video, anime characters dance to the song. In addition, the PV includes the self-introductions of Hiroshi and Minyan and the music.

From October 12, “Oha Suta ” will start a live-action variety project linked to ” Obake Zukan! “. Illustrations of ghosts that appeared in the previous week’s broadcast and spirits recruited from children will be introduced.

The full comments from Yamashita, Kugimiya and BMK leader Kyosuke Yoneya are below.

[ Daiki Yamashita (playing Hiroshi)]
I’m happy to continue playing Hiroshi from the first season!

Hiroshi has grown during my time with Bonyan, and I want to make many discoveries with Hiroshi, who hasn’t changed!

Many ghosts may be hiding around everyone!

It might be scary, but if you treat me kindly, it’s okay!

We might be friends!!

[ Rie Kugimiya (role of Minyan)]

In the movie ” Ghost Book Obake Zukan” released this summer, I was in charge of the voice of a ghost named Zukanbo!

It seems that there is a connection with ghosts this year!

Minyan looks up to her older brother, Bonyan, and tries her best to become a full-fledged ghost.

Fun ghosts, funny ghosts, spirits that are a little creepy, all kinds of ghosts will appear!

I would be happy if you could enjoy it while being excited with Hiroshi!

This time, BMK’s ” Obake Bake Bake Gaccha!” has become the theme song for Bake Zukan!

It’s a work widely loved in picture books, anime, movies, etc., so I hope that various people will be involved and this song will be delivered!

The anime’s opening is also super cute, with Hiroshi dancing with the ghosts!

The song and choreography are very catchy, so people of all ages can enjoy singing and dancing!

Come and dance with your friends, family, and ghosts!

Let’s shoot scary but funny ghosts with us!

BMK Leader Kyosuke Yoneya

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