Huh, canceled? The reason why the final episode of the masterpiece ‘Saint Seiya’ Shonen Jump is so complicated

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The final episode of the “Shonen Jump” series that was not included in the book

“Saint Seiya” began serialization in ” Weekly Shonen Jump ” (Shueisha) in December 1985, and was made into a TV animation as early as the following year in 1986, and has since been made into a movie many times. It is a masterpiece that has fascinated many fans.

Such “Saint Seiya” ended with the 49th “Weekly Shonen Jump” issue released on November 19, 1990. It’s time. The half-finished ending felt like a sudden cancellation. The final episode of “Shonen Jump” came during the last ” Hades Arc “battle.

The Hades arc depicts the battle between the king of the dead and his subordinates, the Specters, the goddess Athena, and the saints who protect her. Seiya and his friends enter the underworld and face the final battle against Hades. The story ended abruptly when Seiya unleashed his special attack, Pegasus Comet Fist.

The series in “Shonen Jump” ended without knowing whether Pegasus Comet Fist had caused any damage to Hades, and the last double-page spread said, “His fierce battle with Hades is not yet over.” A message that begins with a message has been posted. After that, “Saint Seiya Final Chapter” was published in “V Jump ”, first published in the same year, and the added content was included as the final episode of the “Saint Seiya” comics.

The reason why the final episode was published in a different magazine at this time is revealed in the official anime book. Initially, it was planned that the last episode would be drawn properly in “Shonen Jump,” but the Hades arc was so heated that it couldn’t fit in the planned issue, so the official final episode was published in “V Jump.” It means.

However, even when looking at the final episode page published in “Shonen Jump,” there was no announcement that the last chapter would be drawn in “V Jump,” and it is true that many readers felt that it had been discontinued at the time. By the way, since 2006, “Weekly Shonen Champion” (Akita Shoten) has started serializing the official sequel “Saint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION: Hades Myth”. It is being serialized, albeit irregularly, and I want to see how it will end.

Although there was a rumor that Saint Seiya would be canceled due to Shonen Jump, it has since been widely expanded into anime, games, stage plays, and even live-action movies in Hollywood. The manga continues to be serialized today. The main character, Seiya, almost stands up whenever he is in a pinch.

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