TV anime ‘Saint’s Magical Power is almighty Season 2’, 1st PV and new character information released.

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The TV anime “Saint’s Magical Power is Almighty Season 2” has been decided to start broadcasting from October 3, 2023. New character information from the first and second PV seasons has been released.

A new character also appears in the new PV of Season 2. The story begins to move more and more.

TV anime “The Saint’s Magic Power is Almighty Season 2” PV 1st

Information on three new characters appearing in Season 2 is also released. I want to pay attention to what kind of influence they will have on Sei.

Oscar Dunkel cv. Ryota Osaka
A merchant brought in by Johan to start a new company that handles products developed by Sei. He manages essential store and product production management with his partner, Franz.

Tenyu cv. Chiaki Kobayashi
The 18th Prince of Zydera. His mother was the emperor’s seventh concubine. For a specific purpose, he goes to study at the Royal Academy in the Kingdom of Slantania. He has a deep knowledge of plants and hopes to visit the Institute of Medicinal Plants.

Seiran CV. Shinichiro Miki
The captain of a trading ship from Zaidera country. He invites Sei, who helped an injured sailor in the port of Morgenhafen, to his boat. The number of cargoes that were there will impress Sei.

The TV anime “The Saint’s Magic is Almighty Season 2” will start broadcasting on AT-X, TOKYO MX, and other channels from October 3, 2023. Details can be found on the anime’s official website.

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