I can speak now! ‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’ The scene where Kaori Nazuka, the role of Uta, captured her heart was ‘Luffy and Shanks fighting together.’

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“ONE PIECE FILM RED” (released) continues to break records. The box office revenue exceeded 10 billion yen on the 20th day of release, and the number of mobilization exceeded 10 million on the 38th day. It exceeded 15 billion yen in box office revenue in 46 days of departure, and its momentum is unstoppable.

The stage of the story is Eresia, an island where the world-famous diva Uta performs her first public concert. Fans from all over the world, including Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, pirates, and the navy, filled the venue, looking forward to Uta’s singing voice, which is said to be another dimension. Then, finally, the curtain rises on the discovery of the story.

The heroine of this work, Uta, is voiced by Kaori Nazuka and sung by Ado. In a two-shot interview before the movie was released, Nazuka and Ado’s “ONE PIECE,” we asked him to talk about his love, his thoughts on the role of Uta, and the behind-the-scenes of making the role.

This time, an interview was conducted to commemorate the release of the big hit with Nazuka, who says, “I’m finally relieved.” While touching on specific scenes and lines, he also told us about the behind-the-scenes stories we can discuss now and Nazuka’s “recommended scenes that you want to watch over and over again.” This article includes descriptions that touch on the core of the story. So please be careful if you haven’t seen it.

“Although I was recording after knowing the ending, I said, ‘Don’t think about the ending, just think about what’s in front of you.'”

“I recorded the ending knowing the ending, but as soon as I started, I switched to ‘Don’t think about the ending, think about what’s in front of you. After that, I focused on just recording the dialogue with Luffy in front of the. In conjunction with the movie’s release, the magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” depicts Uta’s emotions when making a song as a Uta manga.

On Youtube, “Uta Diary,” which gives a glimpse of the daily life and thoughts of the diva Uta, was distributed before the movie was released. Uta attracted attention. He said, “Since the recording of the main story came first, I couldn’t use it as a reference when making the role (laughs). Since I’m playing the role of an artist, my feelings when making music are significant. So I listened to the full version of the song I received, along with Uta’s setting materials, repeatedly.

There was also a part where I could “match the answer” by knowing Uta’s girlfriend’s feelings later. “There’s an episode in ‘Uta Diary’ about a letter I received from a fan. I was surprised and convinced that it clearly describes how I realized my songs could help many people. I want to hold a live for everyone, I want to keep singing, I want to make them happy, and I want to take them to a fun world.

The feeling was close to what I imagined, so I felt happy that ‘we were together.” In France, it is a historical blockbuster, becoming the top animated film in terms of the number of mobilization on the first day.

The theme song “New Era” ranked first on the Apple Music ranking, and the other pieces in the play ranked high across the board. So the music scene is also sweeping Japan. “I went into the first day just thinking I had to do what I had to do desperately, but I was surprised by the response.

The music video was released before the movie was released, and the movie “Uta Diary” was released on the film’s first day. I could feel that the day of Uta’s live performance was coming.

It was beautiful to have the audience enjoy the work even before it was released. You can meet Luffy and Uta in various places, and I think the feeling of being connected to the real world, not just in the movie, excited everyone. Looking at the reactions, I think music and entertainment have no borders. Nice.”

The reaction around Nazuka also told me that it was different from usual. “When I became an adult, I got a lot of messages from my friends who hadn’t watched anime for a while, saying things like ‘I saw it!’, ‘I bought some goods! I also feel that one of the charms of ONE PIECE FILM RED is that you can enjoy both. His hair hides Uta’s eyes, and Shanks and Luffy don’t talk much. I think the joy of imagining the places and emotions of anime tickled the hearts of adults who hadn’t touched anime recently.”

“I saw Luffy and Shanks in the same space live!” PIECE” fan, the scene that grabbed Nazuka’s heart was “Luffy and Shanks fighting together.” Luffy in Utaworld and Shanks in the real world fight across time and space to defeat Tot Musica, the king of songs. “It’s a scorching moment.

Even though we can’t meet, our hearts are somehow connected. Even though we’re not in the same place, it feels like we can see each other and feel each other. For example, Mayumi Tanaka, who plays Luffy, and Shuichi Ikeda, who plays Shanks, were recorded together, so they were next to each other.

Luffy and Shanks are together. I’m watching the space live! At first, as Nazuka, I was so excited that “the two of us are together! I was recording for Uta, so I immediately started listening to the exchange between the two with Uta’s feelings, and when that happened, my heart was full.” She was fascinated by “the moment when Shanks stopped Uta” in the Uta scene. “It’s a scene I like, but Uta’s emotional state is like the line that follows, ‘I didn’t want to meet you, but I wanted to meet you.

This is my favorite line. Until then, Uta had been pretty intense and stubborn, and now that he’s started, he feels like he can’t go back. Luffy and Shanks are coming to a stop him. I don’t know what to do, and I’m a little panicked, thinking, “I can’t go back anymore!” However, when I said that line, I wondered if Shanks had spoiled me. I thought I would do it by myself, but I wanted help. It’s hard to change the world on your own. It feels like the moment Uta was able, to be honest about the need for friends and family.

A plan that started thinking that it was the best way to make everyone happy while knowing that. It was a scene where you could see the result that it wasn’t so, and you could see the feelings of half regret and half happiness.” I’ve settled on Sanji,” said Nazuka. After “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” I wonder if there was a change in the character she fell in love with.

“When I saw the Straw Hats Pirates and the Red Hair Pirates featured in the movie, I re-read all the episodes at the beginning where everyone became friends. After all, Sanji is the best boyfriend, but when I read “ONE PIECE FILM” RED, Usopp is also good. My father and Usopp watched the main story with great excitement, saying, “It’s going to overlap, it’s going to overlap.” Shanks is cool, but after playing the role of Uta, I see him as a father.” “The reason Shanks left Uta behind was partly that he was guilty, but I also feel that it was for Gordon’s sake.”

The words of gratitude from Ikeda, who plays Shanks, were also impressive, saying, “I was able to have a wonderful daughter.” “I regret being so under pressure that I was desperately thinking only about Uta (laughs). I was too nervous and stiff during the world premiere at the Budokan, but the other cast members told me, “You did your best.”

I was thrilled that everyone accepted me. Before the dubbing of Uta began, Mr. (Kazuki) Yao, who played Franky, and Mr. (Kenjiro) Tsuda, who played Gordon, sent me messages saying, “Do your best!” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your concern.” While there are many repeaters, I was told about Nazuka’s “I want to watch it again and again!” scene.

“It’s a conversation between Uta and Shanks when they were young and went to Elegia. Uta replied, ‘No,’ to Shanks, who said, ‘It’s okay for you to stay.’ I can feel the kindness of Shanks, and I can see Uta’s hesitation. It’s a beautiful place for me, but Uta knows that Shanks won’t stay in this place. With Shanks.

When I desperately tried to convey my feelings that I wanted to return to Eresia someday, Shanks hugged me and said, “I understand,” before I could say those words, I felt like I liked it. Then, however, an incident occurs, and Shanks decides to leave Uta behind.

From here on, I’m going to read too much into it, but Shanks left Uta not only because he was guilty but also for Gordon’s sake. Considering that he decided to leave Gordon for the sake of his life and Uta’s sake, he said, “Ah, Shanks!”! ! (laughs) Uta is rebellious against Gordon, who raised him with great care as if he were in a rebellious phase. Still, in the end, he feels that Gordon’s feelings have reached Uta. I think it’s nice too.” Interview and text/Nobu Tanaka

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