Shinobu Otake & Saki Awano will be added to the cast of ‘Misaki no Mayoiga.’

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Actress Mana Ashida to the animated film “Cape of Mayoiga,” which is responsible for the main character’s voice, the actress Shinobu Otake, Awano Saki莉it was found that the cast. Otake is in charge of the role of grandma, who lives with the main character, and Awano is in order of the part of a girl who has lost her voice.

Who won the Noma Children’s Literature Award. A story of rebirth that depicts a communal life with a new family with no blood connection. Directed by Shinya Kawatsura, Reiko Yoshida is in charge of the script, David’s production is in series of the output, and Ashida is in order of the voice of the main character, Yui. Otake plays the role of grandma Kiwa, who can talk to youkai called “Mysterious.”

We will live together in the mysterious house “Mayoiga” that helps Yui and welcomes people. Otake commented, “When I first read the script, I felt warm as if I had read a fairy tale. The old tale that Mr. Kiwa tells was interesting, and I was looking forward to how I should read it.” ing. Awano, who has been active as a child actor since the age of three and played Natsu Okuhara’s childhood in the serial television novel “Natsuzora” (NHK), has received a great deal of attention.

The role of Hiyori, an 8-year-old girl who lost her. I will live in “Mayoiga” with Yui and Kiwa. Awano, who will be the first voice actor to challenge, lives while thinking, “Why am I the only one …” in my heart, but everyone has various worries and sadness when I look around. I notice that it is. ” He also appealed, “I like the cute” mysterious “people and the animation of cooking that uses plenty of ingredients, so please pay attention to it.” In addition, it was also announced that the theme song of this work would be the newly written song “Mayoiga” by the female trio band “Hitsujibungaku.”

The ban on this preview video containing the sound source has also been lifted. The anime movie “Cape Mayoiga” will be released nationwide from August 27th.

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