I want to say ‘Koi-Koi’ without knowing the Hanafuda ‘Summer Wars.’ I’m interested in the rules with a feeling of squeezing.

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The popular anime movie “Summer Wars” (released in 2009) was broadcast on the 16th on Nippon Television’s “Friday Road Show” (every Friday at 9:00). At the end of the game, there is a famous scene where the heroine and the enemy fight with Hanafuda, and after the broadcast, “Hanafuda rules” are trending on Twitter. You can enjoy it without knowing the rules, but “time to reflect on the fact that human beings do not know the rules of Hanafuda all at once” “I do not understand the rules of Hanafuda at all, I will leave it from here” “I do not understand the rules of Hanafuda, but Koi-Koi! Hanafuda has become a hot topic.

It is the first original feature film directed by Mamoru Hosoda, a studio map nominated for the US Academy Award for “Mirai of the Future” (2018). Kenji Koiso (voice, Ryunosuke Kamiki), a high school student who loves mathematics and missed the Japanese representative of the Mathematical Olympiad, wakes up in a virtual world, “OZ” where he can do everything from shopping to administrative procedures. A story that confronts obstacles and mysterious enemies that bring about a crisis in the world. Suddenly, he joined a large family in the countryside, joined forces with them, and challenged the sudden “world crisis.”

At the end of the game, the heroine Natsuki Shinohara (voice, Nanami Sakuraba) fights against the mysterious enemy, the artificial intelligence love machine. To regain the account in the virtual world where people worldwide have been robbed, Natsuki applies for a game confrontation with “Hanafuda” (Koi-Koi) to the love machine while betting on the family account.

About Hanafuda According to Nintendo’s official website, “Koi-Koi,” played by two people, is introduced as an intellectual game that requires intuition, courage, squeezing, and calmness. It is a play to arrange the bills such as “Boar Butterfly” and “Gokou.”

In the movie, Natsuki shouts “Koi-Koi,” but if this “Koi-Koi” can play a role and you can expect a more significant role, you can say “Koi-Koi” and continue the game. Thing. However, if the opponent can play a position before playing the next part, the score will be doubled. Although there are risks, Natsuki has continued the game while boldly saying “Koi-Koi” to regain many accounts from the love machine.

The Hanafuda showdown between Natsuki and Love Machine is commonplace for those who know the rules of Hanafuda, but for those who don’t, “What is” Koi-Koi “?” “I don’t know, but the appearance of saying” Koi-Koi “is cute. There are voices such as “Necessary lines from” and “I don’t know the rules of Hanafuda, so I always leave this area and feel like I’m squeezed.”

Even so, the production and scenes that you can enjoy are “You can watch Summer Wars without knowing the rules of Hanafuda, you can see Hikaru no Go without knowing Go, and you can read eyeshield 21 without knowing the rules of American football.” Even though it’s not there, it’s too fantastic to be impressed … It’s just a genius directed by Hosoda. “I don’t know the rules of Hanafuda, but it’s an exciting scene. ” Also, some people tried to learn the rules, saying, “I’m looking into the rules of Hanafuda now because I thought that if I knew the rules of Hanafuda, I could enjoy the scene of Hanafuda more.”

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