In the 3rd episode of the anime ‘RPG Real Estate’, ‘I’m out …! Dragons, ghosts, and amazing magical power !?’

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Chiyo Kenmotsu’s unique real estate fantasy “RPG Real Estate”, serialized in the original “Manga Time Kirara Carat”, is being made into a TV animation! This time, the outline & preceding cut of the third episode of the TV anime “RPG Real Estate” “I’m out …! Dragon and ghost and amazing magical power !?” has been released.

The dragon appeared for the first time since it became peaceful, and while the world was buzzing with the trend, Kotone was worried that the property did not match the applicant’s conditions.

Meanwhile, at that time, a phone call from a resident came to RPG Real Estate saying that a ghost had appeared in the apartment … What Kotone and his friends hurried to the property saw …!

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