‘Dongitsune’ anime CM series 2nd, two popular voice actors appear

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Nissin Foods “Donbei”‘s new TV commercial “Dongitsune Season 2 Are you sore ears?”

In the new TV commercial series “Donbei,” which started broadcasting in September this year, the stock exchange between “Dongitsune” and “Young man with glasses” is animated. This time, in the second installment, Mori Taishi, who works on the manga “Radiation House,” is in charge of character design. In addition, “Dongitsune no Jealousy Hen” broadcasted in the past has been animated.

The CM is set in the Taisho era. When a young man is eating “Nissin Donbee Tempura Soba,” “Dongitsune,” who hears the sound of tempura biting, comes running from afar. “Why isn’t it Kitsune Udon?” Also, when he takes a bite of tempura, Dongitsune involuntarily covers his ears, saying, “Stop! I hear the sound of betrayal.”

When asked, “Is that ear?” A young man promises to go to Kitsune Udon tomorrow, and Dongitsune looks at him happily. In addition, this time, the voice actor of ‘Young man with glasses who eats ‘Donbei’ is Kensho Ono, who is known for the role of Tetsuya Kuroko, the main character of the anime ‘Kuroko’s Basketball, and the voice actor of ‘Dongitsune’ is ‘ONE PIECE’ Yamato. Saori Hayami, who is famous for

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