In the second season of ‘Muv-Luv,’ ‘Shiranui’ runs fast!

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The fast-paced teaser visual of the anime “Muv-Luv Alternative,” which will be broadcast in the second season in October 2022, will be unveiled! A tactical machine, Shiranui, sorties against the blue sky.

This work is a story depicting the battle between the extraterrestrial species BETA and humankind, and the adventure game “Muv-Luv” released by the game brand: age in 2003 is “Muv-Luv Alternative” released in 2006. Together, it forms a magnificent story and develops many shared world titles and media mixes.

With over 800,000 titles in the series, the content is still viral even now, nearly 20 years after its release.

It was animated in 2021, and the second broadcast will be decided in October 2022.

The teaser visual that symbolizes the second period has been released.

What was unveiled was visual with a sense of speed that depicts the moment when a humanoid weapon, Shiranui, called a tactical walking fighter (tactical machine) that appears in work, sorties out.

In the second period of TV animation, the fight against the extraterrestrial life form “BETA,” which is hostile to humankind, will begin. What kind of life will human beings, who are in danger of extinction, show in their harsh fate? Pay attention to the story of the bonds of people drawn even more strongly!

Furthermore, as the second broadcast is approaching, the first rerun will start on July 6th! The campaign “Scream! It was announced that the Mabu LOVE “Campaign” would be held.

Follow the official Twitter account in the campaign, attach the recommended tag “#Muv-Luv Anime” and the hashtag “#Scream Mabu LOVE,” and talk about the work’s charm.

If you shout your passion on Twitter, you will be presented with a Kotobukiya plastic model “Takemi Rai Type-00R Ver.1.5” and a poster for the first term by lottery.

Let’s enjoy the campaign by shouting the love of the work while reviewing it with a rebroadcast just before the start of the second term.

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