Fujiko and the three sisters complained, ‘I can’t help it,’ and Lupine interceded. A story that betrayed Kanichi Kurita’s expectations

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The collaborative animation of Monkey Punch’s original “Lupin the Third” and Hojo Tsukasa’s original “Cat’s Eye” has been exclusively distributed on Amazon Prime Video. Kanichi Kurita, who plays Lupine, and Keiko Toda, who plays Hitomi Kisugi, the main character of “Cat’s Eye,” commented, “Both are high-class works and have the same smell. We were able to fuse naturally,” they said in unison. (Cultural Department Keisuke Wakabayashi)

Amapura “Lupin III VS Cat’s Eye”

The title is straight “Lupin III VS Cat’s Eye.” It was planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Lupine’s animation and the 40th anniversary of the original Cats and was produced by Tom’s Entertainment, which worked on both animations.

The stage is 1981. Hitomi, Rui, and her beloved three sisters, known as phantom thief Cat’s Eye, steal paintings from art exhibitions. Lupine also outwits the armed forces and obtains the image. Both are part of a trilogy of “Bouquet and Girl” masterpieces and were essential clues for the three sisters to discover their missing father. The two sides face each other as they try to get the three cards together, but the picture hides a secret.

This time, in addition to Toda, the Cats side has cast original voice actors from the 1980s, including Chinatsu Sakamoto, who plays Ai, the third daughter, and Yoshihito Yasuhara, who plays Toshio Utsumi, a detective who is Hitomi’s lover and is chasing Cats.

Keiko Toda “If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll be beaten.”

Toda reveals, “It’s the best part of voice work to play the same role even after nearly 40 years. Everyone is pleased that the nostalgic setting is firmly preserved.” “Moreover, the appearance in the big title “Lupin.” I think the three sisters must have felt like challenging themselves, “If you don’t take it seriously, you will be beaten.”

Kurita responded, “It’s truly a miracle collaboration. I expected Fujiko Mine and the three sisters to quarrel, and Lupine said, ‘I can’t help it.’ There are a lot of scenes where Lupine takes back something important for his love. It was a strange feeling to see him as a senior thief and a parent,” he said with a smile.

While maintaining the traditional charm of both works, such as splendid action, intermittent exchanges, and exciting developments in which enemies and allies are jumbled together, we have also incorporated new elements, such as changing the texture of the character designs. Toshio and Inspector Zenigata form a tag, and the theme songs of both works are replaced so that you can enjoy the fun unique to collaboration.

“Next time, Lupine wants to persuade Hitomi-chan!! Jigen (Daisuke) said to Toshio, who was irritated, ‘You’re in trouble, too.'” (Kurita), “Lupin and the three sisters are in the same angle of view, so It was natural to see that. I guess you could say that I dropped it in my heart, but Lupine was one piece better and more mature.”

“LUPIN ZERO” where the boy Lupine runs through the high growth period
Original: Monkey Punch (C) TMS

“LUPIN ZERO,” which depicts the story of the birth of “Lupin the Third,” is being exclusively distributed on the video distribution service DMMTV.

A story about Lupine as a boy running around Japan during a period of high economic growth: although it’s an original story, it has a taste of Showa’s Lupine anime, and it seems that older fans will enjoy it. Tasuku Hatanaka as Lupine, Shunsuke Takeuchi as Jigen, Saori Hayami as Yoko, the beautiful woman who holds the key to the story, and Toshio Furukawa as her father, Lupine II.

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