In the spring anime ‘Touken Ranbu Kai,’ A new swordsman, Yukimitsu Fudo, appears! He claims to be ‘Oda Nobunaga’s most beloved sword.’Episode 1 advance cut

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The TV anime “Touken Ranbu Kai -Kouden Moyuru Honnoji-” will be broadcast sequentially from April 2nd (Tuesday). The synopsis and scene cuts for the first episode, “The Rotating Dream,” have been released.

For those who have been part of the original PC browser and smartphone app game Touken Ranbu ONLINE”, also known asTourabu”, get ready to relive the excitement. The game, where you become a priest and lead the famous swords transformed into warriors, is the inspiration behind this new anime. It’s a sword-training simulation game where you fight to protect history, and now, it’s coming to life on your screens.

“Touken Ranbu Kai -Kouden Moyuru Honnoji-” is not just a new anime. It’s a continuation of the world you love. The script is based on the first work of the stage play Touken Ranbu, which premiered in 2016. Kenichi Suemitsu, the mastermind behind the stage plays, will also serve as this work’s scriptwriter and series composer. And guess what? The voice actors from the original game Touken Ranbu ONLINE will lend their voices to the characters, making this anime a valid extension of the game.

In the story, four sword men whose former master is the demon lord Nobunaga Oda, decide to participate in the “Honnoji Incident,” in which Nobunaga is assassinated. What kind of history will they protect beyond the conflict?

Episode 1 “Rotating Dream” Synopsis

The main hall of Honnoji Temple is on fire.
Sozo Samonji was having the same dream over and over again. One day, Yukimitsu Fudo, who newly manifests as a swordsman, claims to be “Oda Nobunaga’s most beloved sword.” Heshikiri Hasebe, a member of Sozo Samonji who has the same former master, seems to have thoughts about Fudo Yukimitsu’s words and actions.

The first episode of the TV anime “Touken Ranbu Kai -Kouden Moyuru Honnoji-,” “The Rotating Dream,” will begin broadcasting on TOKYO MX, BS11, and other channels from April 2nd (Tuesday).

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