INI’s Daimu Takatsuka takes on the lyrics for the first time New song, ‘My Story,’ will be the theme song for the anime movie ‘Stolen Princess.’

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The Japanese dubbed theme song of “Stolen Princess: The Princess of Kyiv and Ruslan” (to be released on September 22nd), which will be released in theaters for the first time in Japan as an animated film produced in Ukraine, has been lifted.

The theme song is the new song “My Story” by the 11-member boy group INI, to which Daimu Takatsuka (*High = Ladder), who plays the main character Ruslan, belongs. Actor Takumi Saito is narrating this trailer.

“Stolen Princess” with INI’s new song “My Story” main trailer Ruslan, an Actor who longs to be a knight, and Princess Mila (CV: Rie Takahashi) fall in love with different social statuses, and the two become evil wizards. A fantasy love story depicting a contentious figure. Other dubbed voice cast members include Nobuhiko Okamoto, Yohei Tadano, Showtaro Morikubo, NON STYLE, and Tetsuya Bessho.

Natsumi Kokawa, CEO of the film distribution company “Elles Films,” purchased the screening rights in Japan with almost all of her assets to contribute to the Ukrainian film industry. After that, about 9.5 million yen was collected from approximately 700 people through crowdfunding, which was started to produce a nationwide theatrical release and a Japanese dubbed version.

In response to the excitement, companies such as Asahi Shimbun, KADOKAWA, Nekojarashi, and United Cinema agreed with this project, and a production committee was established, leading to the realization of the theatrical release of the Japanese dubbed version. Saito, who was in charge of the narration of this notice, also sympathized with this project and cooperated with crowdfunding.

The main character Ruslan was born as the son of an actor in a world where there is no option that “only children of knights can become knights,” and the heroine dreams of free adventure but is forced to live a cramped life as a princess of Mila. The content shows how two opposite people who “shouldn’t have met” will fall in love with different social statuses.

The evil wizard Chernomor stands in the way of the two, who are attracted to each other by chance. The theme song “My Story” by INI evokes the love between the two, their ups and downs adventures, and their yearning for freedom.

Takatsuka’s first attempt at writing lyrics for “My Story.” He created the lyrics by superimposing Ruslan, who he played, and his journey. It was written just for this work. The song will be digitally distributed on various music distribution sites from the 17th of this month.

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